December 22, 2017

Solar Bankers to partner with Enerclever over P2P Energy Trading Platform development

Solar Bankers is happy to announce its partnership with the Turkish energy consultancy Enerclever for a pilot project of Solar Bankers’ concept for localised P2P energy trading. The two companies plan to equip 20 households with Solar Bankers’ light-managing PV devices and connect them in a local micro-grid using the smart meter infrastructure and wiring provided by Enerclever. The smart meters will facilitate the labelling and exchange of electricity produced by individual households.

Enerclever is currently a major contractor for TurkCell, Turkey’s largest telecommunications company with over 6 million users. Enerclever is also currently running a range of large-scale infrastructure projects in Africa.

The project constitutes a major step towards the full decentralization of energy production, distribution and exchange. The combination of solar technology with local electricity trading creates the basis for energy self-sufficiency, reducing the significance of large utility companies in the distribution of electricity and thus allowing consumers to benefit from reduced prices and the direct sale of the electricity they do not use to their neighbors.

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