January 11, 2018

Solar Bankers uses azimuthal solar trackers to boost productivity

Solar Bankers employs cutting edge solar tracking systems to boost productivity of its concentrating solar system. Static concentrator modules are ineffective, because they are not capturing the sunlight optimally. As the sun moves across the sky, the angle of incidence changes and this leads to a loss in energy output. Solar trackers help to orient the solar panels towards the sun as it moves and thereby optimize the output of the panels. Traditional solar trackers use two axes of rotation, one horizontally and one vertically, to maximize the exposure of the panels to the sunlight. However, those systems are expensive to set up and require a high level of maintenance due to the high number of rotating parts.

Solar Bankers uses an innovative “azimuthal” solar tracker with only one axis of rotation that requires only a minimal level of maintenance. Those systems are easier to set up and the reduced amount of rotating parts leads to a reduction in breakdowns of the devices. The tracker rotates horizontally as the sun moves and together with Solar Bankers holographic panels this results in optimal energy output. Specially in desert areas, where the energy generation potential is the highest, multi-axis trackers incur high maintenance costs because of the large amount of sand and residue caught in the joints. Solar Bankers’ azimuthal tracker has only one moving part and thus significantly reduces such maintenance requirements. The image below shows a standard solar module in Solar Bankers’ umbrella configuration with the light-managing, heat reducing foil mounted on top of the solar panels and the solar below the construction:

Standard solar module in Solar Bankers’ umbrella configuration mounted on single-axis azimuthal tracker.

The graphic below shows a single-axis solar tracker with Solar Bankers’ light-managing concentrator PV solar panels mounted on top. The panels are installed next to each other and are slightly tilted for optimal incidence and the rows are offset to prevent shading. The tracker system can furthermore be combined with Solar Bankers umbrella technology that equips standard solar modules with our heat-deflecting foil and thus reduces heat exposure, which is very important for maintaining high efficiency in hot environments.

Solar Bankers’ light-managing concentrator PV modules mounted on azimuthal tracker.


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