January 17, 2018

News from our micro-grid project in Turkey: kick-off in February

Solar Bankers is happy to announce that it will kick off its project with the Turkish utility company Enerclever for micro-grid development in February. Enerclever is a large Turkish producer of electricity management systems, developing a range of metering and monitoring devices.

The project will test Solar Bankers’ concept for localised P2P energy trading, combining Solar Bankers’ energy-generating equipment with Enerclever’s smart metering technology to connect about 20 households in a self-contained micro-grid. Enerclever’s technology partners include Microsoft, Ericsson, Echelon, and Telensa.

The project will be based in the Izmir TeknoPark, on the campus of the Izmir Institute of Technology. The R&D environment provided by the TechnoPark is ideal because of its close affiliation with the local research institutes. The TeknoPark in Izmir will also act as our HQ for further research and development activities in Turkey. Find out more about the Izmir TeknoPark here:


The Innovation Centre of the TeknoPark in Izmir, Turkey.

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