Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SunCoins different from other tokens? What does SunCoin offer that other tokens do not?

SunCoin is not commodity-backed in the straightforward sense: it represents the ability to participate in a global network of free energy production and exchange. More specifically, SunCoin derives its value from the way in which its provides access to a number of services that go beyond the mere liquidity benefits of a standard cryptocurrency or the single commodity backing of other coins. Owners of SunCoin will be able to:


– trade SunCoin for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency;

– buy cheaper and cleaner electricity from other members in the decentralized network;

– purchase Solar Bankers’ energy-generating equipment to produce energy for private consumption or sale on the local marketplace;

– trade SunCoin for CO2 Emission Certificates.


These services are in turn facilitated by a solid and mature company, which is backed by a set of strong soft assets – in the form of a game-changing international patent – and a host of ongoing partnerships and projects, cutting-edge product development, and market expertise. In the future the value of the company will also be backed by hard assets – in the form of manufacturing facilities and the decentralized electricity network run by Solar Bankers.


Lastly, SunCoin, as a cryptocurrency in its own right, represents a far more efficient and secure alternative to existing digital currencies because it is based on a new generation of blockchain technology that involves a revolutionary consensus algorithm, ultra-fast transactions with no fees, and a multi-layered security structure.

Does SunCoin represent a security?

SunCoin is not an investment-grade security of any kind. The SunCoin is a digital token for participation in a global network of free energy production and exchange and does not confer ownership of a stake in the business. Solar Bankers does not guarantee any profit, but offers instead a set of entrepreneurial opportunities to SunCoin holders to make money from the Sun.

Where can I buy SunCoins?

You can buy SunCoins here:

Can I buy SunCoins from anywhere in the world?

SunCoin sale is open to everyone, including U.S. and Singapore citizens and residents.

On there is already a Suncoin listed. Is that yours?

The Suncoin token currently listed at this link has nothing to do with our project and will be soon replaced by Solar Bankers’ token.


How are you going to use the funds raised through the ICO?

Solar Bankers will use the funds to develop the system infrastructure for the SunChain community (smart meters and micro-grids).

What do you mean that I can exchange my SunCoins for Energy-Generating Equipment?

Solar Bankers offers a set of devices that you can install in your house, business facility or land to produce electricity and profit from it. Our customers can exchange their SunCoins for Solar Panels, Solar Windows, Solar Tiles and many other products at a fixed rate. This option will be available only after the successful conclusion of our fundraising campaign and our production facility is in full operation.

What is the relationship between the Arizona-based Solar Bankers LLC and Solar Bankers Singapore?

Our business activities recently migrated from Arizona to Singapore. Although the Arizona-based Solar Bankers LLC still exists as a legal entity, our main business activities, including our technology and patents, have moved to a Singaporean company called Solar Bankers Singapore. Solar Bankers Singapore is being run by the same team as its Arizonan predecessor and is working on the same projects and pursuing the same goals. Our activities have become increasingly oriented towards China and we hope that this move will allow us to better serve the Chinese and broader Asian markets.

All of the patents for energy-generating technology marketed under either Solar Bankers Singapore or Solar Bankers LLC (Arizona) are the sole legal property of Alfred Jost, the CEO and Founder of both companies.

My wallet does not show the correct balance. What should I do?

It might be that your wallet is not synchronised with our network. To solve the issue, please close the wallet, re-open it and wait until the balance is updated (generally 2-3 minutes). Allow time to load all the blocks.  If your wallet still does not work correctly, please follow the attached procedure (only for windows wallet)